Review: Oyacorn Cheddar Cheese

 photo IMG_7762-wm_zpsvi9ag8rd.jpg

You wouldn’t think it from the content so far, but I actually love crisps a lot more than candy or chocolate. Savoury snacks are definitely my favourite. I was really happy to see these Oyacorn in our subscription box as I just don’t seem to have much luck finding many savoury Japanese snacks.

We got this bag in our August Oyatsu Box (see what else we got here) and, actually, I’m not sure where else you can buy them right now. I know Oyatsu Cafe said they were hoping to get some in so it could be worth keeping an eye out. I know I sure am!

 photo IMG_7767-wm_zpsw6tejkdw.jpg

The bag is massive, as I said previously between this and the Shittori Choco I can see why there were only ten items in the August box. But more to the point…

 photo IMG_7775-wm_zps6mj4bhif.jpg

It is absolutely stuffed full of crisps! That big puffy bag actually has hardly any air in it, it’s just full of big puffy crisps. It’s very unusual as a UK crisp lover to find the joy of an overfilled bag of crisps, since ours tend to be woefully under filled. As in, you can’t physically get a bag of crisps of any size here that isn’t half full (at best) of crisps and then pumped up with air.

 photo circlewm_zps4xwttbnw.png

Heart shaped crisps, how cute!

I keep saying crisps, I suppose I should be more clear that these are in fact corn snacks. These ones are very light and airy, though more solid and crisp/crunchy than the likes of Wotsits or supermarket brand corn puffs. They don’t melt away to nothing in your mouth the way most corn snacks in the UK do.

 photo IMG_7786-wm_zpsaxp7almk.jpg

Each crisp is two bites big to me, they’re just a little too wide to fit comfortably in your mouth. These things matter when you’re trying to make imported snacks last as long as possible! :p

The flavour of these was actually awesome. I was a bit meh at the fact that they were cheddar cheese flavour, a relatively boring flavour really (and one you can easily obtain here), and sniffing them they didn’t smell terribly different from UK ‘cheese but really nothing like cheese at all’ flavour corn snacks (I’m looking at you, Quavers!).

I’m not going to lie to you and say that Japan have figured out how to make cheese flavour crisps taste like real cheese, because in this case at least they haven’t. Not even remotely. But the flavour is really yummy nonetheless. There is a sweetness that is surprising at first but extremely moreish (which is ok considering there’s plenty in the bag). The sweet and savoury combination these have going on is just delicious.

They don’t have the weirdly bitter/savoury, mildly unpleasant undertaste that UK cheese corn snacks do. I think a good way of thinking about that difference would be that UK cheese snacks are trying to imitate mature cheddar, whereas these ones are trying to replicate a mild cheddar.

Quite simply these are sweet and delicious, which isn’t really what springs to mind when you think of cheese snacks but it works.

 photo IMG_7772-wm_zpsylc9bwka.jpg

Overall, I would give these a 10/10. The bag is huge so great for sharing, while the flavour is so deliciously moreish you don’t want to.

We were very impressed with these and will definitely be picking them up again, assuming we find somewhere that stocks them. They’re definitely worth a try if you are a crisp fan. I hope to see these again!

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