Oyatsu Cafe prize!

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As some of you may know, Oyatsu Cafe recently had a giveaway of their awesome candy boxes. Seriously, these guys rock at making up random boxes. Which is why I subscribe to their monthly boxes (and not to sales pitch, but if you’re into Japanese snacks you should too!).

I was delighted to hear I wasย one of the lucky winners, yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

 photo 20150908_102345-_zpskx5mkgaj.jpg

I’m not going to take individual photos this time, but here’s what we have:

Grand Prix Peach Hi-Chew. This is a new flavour for 2015, apparently. We bought some peach Hi-Chew at a con over the summer which was amazing, I am looking forward to finding out if it’s the same or if the ‘grand prix’ makes it different. You can find it here.

Lotte Fit’s chewing gum in a Dragonball Z ‘Kamehame Hawaii’ flavour. This had me in fits of giggles, I actually wanted to buy some for my partner recently as he’s been watching Dragonball Super (and Dragonball Z was a childhood favourite for both of us). So happy to have something so fun. You can find it here, but it is a limited edition so if you want to giggle at gum too get it quick!

A big old bag of Hi-Chew. This one has melon, yuzu, no idea and strawberry. Figuring out the mystery fruit will be fun, I thought it was grapefruit or something from the picture but don’t know what the text says at all. I’ll work it out when I have time. Any who knows, feel free to let me know!

Pokemon Ramen noodles. I have wanted these for ages so yes, you could say I’m excited! This is the soy flavour, which you can find here (though it’s been out of stock anytime I’ve looked). I don’t know why these excite me since I don’t even like instant noodles, but these ones I’m determined to enjoy! :p

Wata Pachi Gum in Ramune soda flavour. I’ve had the cola flavour of this before and it’s really fun. It’s candy floss that turns to sugary candy in your mouth. Because that’s totally not something all candy floss does, right? Ramune is one of my favourite flavours in general so I’m looking forward to trying this one too! You can find it here.

A DIY candy kit, this time Naru Naru Gummy in grape flavour. I don’t know if I’ll review this one or not as DIY kits tend to be a pain to review short of doing a video (which I can’t). It’ll be a fun afternoon with my son anyway! You can find them here.

And of course, a gachapon! This one has a little Kakashi keyring, I don’t get the costume but then I am long past being into Naruto. He’s a lil cutie and really high quality, I think he’ll actually see some use since I’ll not be scared of it breaking.

What an awesome prize! Extremely happy to have been one of the lucky winners, thank you Oyatsu Cafe! I’ll be reviewing each of these in time, so if you’re interested check back again ๐Ÿ™‚

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