Review: Hi-Chew Premium White Grape

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Well, we haven’t had much of a summer here in the UK weather wise. We’ll just pretend I’m eating these on a warm, sunny day without a cloud in the sky…ok, I’m actually sitting here wearing a big fluffy jumper and it’s raining outside. Still. Summer edition candy, yay!

We got these as part of our August Oyatsu Box (see what else we got here) but you can buy them direct from Oyatsu Cafe here for £1.62. Remember these are limited edition and they probably have quite limited quantity, so if you want them act fast!

 photo IMG_7354-wm_zpslligq31o.jpg

The pouch is a really good size for the price. There are more sweets than air in the packet, I would imagine if packed with less care they would get squashed in transit. Ours were fine thanks to being boxed up with lots of other goodies, but it’s worth noting if you’re placing an order. I don’t think a padded envelope would be sufficient packaging.

 photo IMG_7383-wm_zpsfketqg3r.jpg

The sweets are a very pretty shade of pale green that, for some reason, my camera just would not pick up that well. There are absolutely loads of them squeezed into the packet, certainly a lot more than what you would get in a regular packet of Hi Chew.

The sweets have a very light dusting of powder on them, presumably to stop them from sticking together. It’s not noticeable taste or texture wise while you’re eating them and it doesn’t leave any residue so it’s not a big deal.

 photo IMG_7373-wm_zpse7qdgvpg.jpg

 photo IMG_7381-wm_zps8uyfudjd.jpg

Here you can (hopefully) see the difference between the green outer and white inner of the sweet. Again, this wasn’t something my camera was happy to capture. It’s a lot more noticeable in real life.

For those who have never tried Hi-Chew, think of it as a highly flavoured chewing gum that you can swallow. Don’t expect it to taste or feel like candy in your mouth, it very much feels like you are eating gum and can be a little disconcerting for those of us who were taught never to swallow gum. It came about because of a cultural taboo regarding taking food out of your mouth; having a chewing gum that could be swallowed was desirable, not strange as we might think it. Though really, looking at some of the pavements around my town I don’t know why we never decided gum we could swallow would be useful!

The white part of the sweet is super soft and chewy, quite a bit softer than regular Hi Chew sweets. It doesn’t have quite as much of the chewing gum texture that the regular ones do, it’s almost like the little Hubba Bubba bubblegums you can buy in the kids sweet section except it stays soft and gets softer as you chew, rather than turning hard and rubbery.

The green part is harder, not crunchy by any means but still a hard shell by comparison. This helps the sweets hold their shape (as the white part is just too soft) and also provides a nice bit of texture. The green bit isn’t overly flavoured, most of if not all of the flavour (and there is a lot of it) seems to be in the white inner.

I found the dual textures really interesting. I was expecting regular Hi Chew sweets reshaped and put in a fancier package, but these are a totally separate type of candy in their own right. Honestly, I prefer these. The tougher outer gets you chewing and then the soft inner gives you a massive burst of juicy flavour. That bit of harder texture is pretty much what the regular ones lack to me.

So the texture is great, but honestly it was the grape flavouring I was most wary of. I find grape candies a bit too artificial and a little bit boring, but after trying purple and green it was cool to have a chance to try white grape. Another flavour ticked off the list if nothing else.

I must say, taking a sniff as I opened the pack did not reassure me! They smell incredibly and sickeningly alcoholic. I see some sites list the flavour as ‘Chardonnay white grape’, Chardonnay being a grape variety used to make wine. Yup, a cheap white wine wouldn’t be far off in terms of smell. Ew.

Thankfully, they don’t taste overly like alcohol and certainly not like cheap white wine. If you’ve ever tried Shloer, a sparkling juice drink that tastes vaguely alcoholic but isn’t, these taste very similar to the white grape variety. Since Shloer is a winter (specifically Christmas) drink to me, it was kind of funny that a summer edition candy should come to me on the worst, most cold and miserable summer in years tasting like a winter treat. Haha, good one Oyatsu Box :p

Dodgy smell aside, the white grape flavour is actually really good. I never thought I’d like a grape candy so much, but then I never expected to find my favourite Christmas drink in candy form either. The flavour is a lot more sweet and realistic than the purple or green grape flavoured candies I’ve tried have been, which was refreshing. They don’t taste as alcoholic as wine, but there is a vaguely alcoholic fermented flavour there and just a hint of tartness. The flavour is strong but pleasant and lasts a good while after you’ve finished the sweet. I actually wish I had more of these, they are pretty addictive!

 photo IMG_7399wm_zpst1mhr0ov.jpg

Well, I’m going to quietly sob a little when these go out of stock. They really are delicious, I wish they were available all year round. Then again, perhaps they rarity is part of their charm?

I doubt I’ll be getting hold of any more this year unfortunately, but I’ll be looking forward to them next year. I would highly recommend you grab a packet if you can 🙂

Overall, I’d give this candy a 10/10. Their seasonal availability is really the only bad thing about them.

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