Review: Vegetable Ramune Candy Pellets

 photo IMG_7406-wm_zpsurujyf3j.jpg

I’ve seen these cute little bottles of candy around and have often wondered what they were like. I can’t say I’ve seen this veggie juice version before, but as a fan of sweet veggies and interesting flavours as a whole I was glad to receive this bottle.

We got these as part of our August Oyatsu Box (see what else we got here).

 photo IMG_7412-wm_zpsovfe5f1q.jpg

Here are the candies themselves. They are little pellets of compressed candy powder and, supposedly, it’s carrot, apple and tomato that make up the ‘vegge juice’ flavour.

The texture is very soft and crumbly, even without sucking them you can bite and chew them easily (though they do hold their shape if you suck them).

 photo IMG_7411-wm_zpsvyqwkips.jpg

 photo IMG_7422-wm_zpsdmpuixol.jpg

This one had an adorable little smiley face on it! There were only four candies in our bottle that had faces on them, the rest were plain. I didn’t notice until I was writing this that they weren’t all a simple smiling face, so here’s a last minute camera phone picture of the other faces:

 photo IMG_20150818_215615-wm_zpseh0anp9c.jpg

Cute, eh?

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for these little candies ends here. Taste wise, while not unpleasant they were a major let down.

I’ve never had vegetable Ramune, but I’ve had enough Ramune and vegetable juice in my life to know what they taste like separately and so make an educated guess at what they’d taste like combined. I expected good, if slightly strange, things.

Sadly, all I could taste from these little pellets was generic, sweet powder. Just like the cheap candy pellets you can buy here from the kids sweet sections. They weren’t flavourless, but they were just plain sugar flavour to me, not veggie juice flavour. I tried sucking, I tried crunching, nope. Nothing. I couldn’t get even a hint of veggie flavour, or any flavour at all other than sugar. They don’t even smell like anything other than sweet sugar powder. It’s like they forgot to put the flavouring in!

 photo IMG_7415wm_zpsplvxvhza.jpg

Would I get these again? Well, not really. I mean, if they show up in the Oyatsu Box again I’m not going to be bitterly disappointed or anything and I wouldn’t mind trying out some other flavours to see if they are any different, but I’m not going to go out of my way to find these again. They strike me as a filler item due to their small size/weight and relatively low cost. It’s not that they’re bad, they’re just nothing special. Nothing you couldn’t buy here in the UK, more to the point, and so not something that I’m thrilled to find in a Japanese snack box that supposedly has new and exciting things to try.

If nothing else I was glad that I could give my son the whole bottle to eat as he wishes, since he has to wait for me to photograph the other items before any of us try any. Good distraction!

Overall, I’d only give these a 5/10. They’re cute and all, but they really didn’t deliver what they promised.

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