Review: Bourbon Petit Wasabi Mayo Potato Chips

 photo IMG_7428wm_zpsb8sfaqjz.jpg

I thought I had never heard of Petit. Turns out I had heard of Bourbon Petit cookies and not made the link that it was the same company or that they made more than just cookies. Whoops!

These are their wasabi mayo flavour crisps/potato chips. As someone who has had more bad experiences than good with wasabi flavoured snacks I was a little apprehensive but looking forward to seeing how the mayo aspect affected the taste.

We got this as part of our August Oyatsu Box (see what else we got here). You can also find them on Oyatsu Cafe here.

 photo IMG_7442-wm_zpsnlea4i4a.jpg

These crisps come in a long, thin rectangular packaging. It’s a novel way of presenting crisps to me, or any snack for that matter. It did serve to deliver them without breakage internationally which, while probably not the reason why they are packaged this way, was a definite plus!

 photo IMG_7446-wm_zps9pn27hcn.jpg

Look at all the itty bitty crisps! They are like tiny little Pringles, though a little thicker/more solid in texture than what Pringles would be. The scoop shape would be crying out to be dipped in mayo if they weren’t already mayo flavoured.

 photo IMG_7451-wm_zpsbuyrn1id.jpg

Here you can see the grainy texture on the surface of the crisps. The underside (not pictured) had quite a visible coating of salt.

 photo circlewm_zps7obciykn.png

I love the green colour, they’re like little leaves!

I am not going to lie, the wasabi wuss in me was apprehensive about tasting these. Strangely/reassuringly, you can barely smell the wasabi at all. They just smell like yummy original/salted flavour Pringles (probably due to the aforementioned layer of salt on them).

Each time I placed one of the crisps in my mouth I noticed an amusing flavour pattern. First, all you taste is a nice, plain salted flavour crisp. The out of nowhere bam, massive wasabi hit. Just as the panic sets in that the wasabi heat is building/burning too much, it disappears and you are left with the smooth, creamy taste of mayonnaise. Both the true to life taste and the instant cooling effect make it feel like you literally just placed a spoonful of the stuff in your mouth. Finally, the crisp once again tastes like a harmless salted one. This happened every single time, and made me panic every single time!

I did notice that if you ate a few crisps in quick succession the wasabi flavour was hard to notice at all. It’s better to eat them slowly to get the full flavour from each crisp. I never thought I would say this of a wasabi snack, but they could do with just a bit more wasabi flavour. They’re not hot at all, or at least the heat that is there is short lived and doesn’t build to the point of being unbearable.

 photo IMG_7465wm_zpsafexpono.jpg

There really were a lot of little crisps crammed in the tube, this is how tightly packed the other end was. Plenty to share or keep you munching for quite some time.

 photo IMG_7444wm_zpstajgog09.jpg

All in all these were really delicious little crisps. They’ve shown me that wasabi snacks can be enjoyable rather than just gut wrenchingly hot.

It’s worth noting that the delicious flavour could be a lot to do with the prescence of MSG, since 調味料(アミノ酸等), ‘seasoning (such as amino acids)’ is listed in the ingredients and from what I gather, this seems to be how MSG would be written on a Japanese snack label. If you exclude MSG from your diet this is worth noting as, though I may be mistaken, you may wish to avoid these as a precaution.

Overall, these get a 10/10 from me. They taste great and they’re great value (when you can find them). I would definitely get them again, and very much hope to try the rest of the Petit range 🙂

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