Review: Cocoa Milk Pocky Biscuit Sticks

 photo storyboardwm_zpsjwxdxt9b.jpg
Back when my only Pocky options were strawberry, chocolate or milk, milk was by far my favourite flavour. Cocoa biscuits sounded like a great addition to this sweet treat, so in the basket these went.

We got this box from Tofu Cute for £1.99.

 photo IMG_7026-wm_zpsp3rk6vo1.jpg

Poor box got a bit battered in the post. Only a few sticks were broken though, so that’s okay.

Manaka looks like she was made to advertise this Pocky, she looks right at home with the simple blue and white colour scheme ^_^

The box is a good size with plenty to share. I was always a little sad that regular milk flavour always came in the small 25g boxes, so to finally get a big box of milky joy made me quite happy!

 photo cocoapockywm_zps5iaxrarh.png

Just one inner packet, what a perfect excuse to eat all the pocky in one go…

 photo IMG_7108--wm_zpsxzgpswwu.jpg

The light and dark contrast makes this Pocky look very appealing. There are two quite important distinctions to make regarding the flavour, both of which may be obvious to some but are worth pointing out anyway.

First, cocoa flavour biscuits are not the same as chocolate flavour biscuits. They have a deep, dark and slightly bitter true cocoa flavour. They are nothing like the chocolate biscuit you would get with choco banana pocky, for example. They taste a little like a burnt chocolate biscuit at first, but you soon begin to taste the depth of flavour. Very much a ‘grown up’ flavour, great for dark chocolate fans.

Second, the milk flavour coating is not white chocolate. You could be forgiven for thinking that it would be if you’ve ever had the UK version of pocky, Mikado, which uses a white chocolate coating. Milk very much means milk, it tastes like solidified condensed milk. Very sweet, very creamy, very delicious.

The two flavours compliment each other perfectly. The cocoa biscuit would be too rich and too bitter on its own, just as the milk coating would be too sweet and cloying, so together you’ve got a really well balanced flavour. They are definitely quite rich compared to most Pocky flavours, but not sickeningly so.

I did notice the milk coating was a little thin in places, but maybe this is the case with all Pocky and it’s just more noticeable with the dark biscuit and light coating combination. It didn’t really affect the flavour, but it looked a bit shoddy.

 photo IMG_7032wm_zpsrunjvlp3.jpg

I would definitely pick these up again. Those who like sweeter biscuit flavours may not find these to their liking as even with the sweet coating, the bitter cocoa is still the dominant flavour. It’s like adding a layer of cream on top of a black coffee; you get the sweet creamy flavour, but mostly you get the coffee. Which is fine, as long as you like the coffee…or in this case, the cocoa!

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