Review: Curry Ramune Soda

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Ramune comes in many delicious flavours. It also comes in some very unusual ones. Curry may not be the most unusual flavour, but it’s the strangest one I’ve stumbled across in a UK store so we had to give it a go!

We got this bottle from Tofu Cute for £2.50.

 photo IMG_7134-wm_zpsnugpprr6.jpg

The bottle is shorter than the ones we would usually get, though it holds more liquid at 250ml compared to the usual 200ml. It’s also made out of plastic rather than glass. Odd!

 photo IMG_7139-wm_zpsavlzpfgu.jpg

You can see the difference in the two bottle types here (note, the curry bottle still has the opener attached at the top, hence why it appears taller).

What really got me was the difference in the neck; instead of the usual thin neck that catches the marble, this bottle has a wider neck meaning the marble simply drops to the bottom of the bottle. This was a little disconcerting for some reason, some irrational part of me thought this was a choking hazard despite the fact that, obviously, the marble can’t come back through the cap. I don’t know. I guess it just wasn’t as fun as clinking the marble around the neck of the bottle. On the plus side, the marble wasn’t able to roll up and block the opening again as it often does with the thin necked bottles.

 photo IMG_7127wm_zpsfm9ckqry.jpg

The whole curry theme is cute in a strange sort of way, even the bottle itself has a little turban! I like the little yellow elephants printed over the label, though the little cartoon guy holding his curry is a bit stereotypical for my taste. Still, it’s all in good fun and it makes the product stand out (like it really needed help in that respect).

 photo IMG_7141-wm_zpsvxqmjzme.jpg

Not going to lie, the bright pink and blue look pretty awful with the rest of the colour scheme on the bottle (not to mention against the colour of the liquid itself). The opener works a little differently than the one included with the glass bottles, but it’s still simple enough. Just lift the whole pink section off, pull off the ring the use the remaining pink piece to pop open the bottle as usual.

So, did it taste like curry? Yes and no.

When you first open it and take a sniff, you get a kind of nasty whiff of curry powder. Not curry, uncooked curry powder. You know, that you would never put in your mouth because it tastes pretty disgusting. This wasn’t reassuring!

Thankfully, the taste was better than the smell. It tastes like someone has taken a bottle of original flavour Ramune and mixed curry powder in, but that’s not as bad as it sounds. Both flavours are quite distinguishable from each other rather than blended together, which is strange. The bigger the mouthful the more of a curry hit you seem to get, so if you’re unsure take a little sip to start with and you’ll mostly be tasting sweet soda with a little kick to it.

Once you’ve taken a few mouthfuls, the curry powder taste dissipates and the soda starts to taste like ginger beer (the non alcoholic version). Now that could just be my mind trying to rationalise the flavour into something it understands, but it definitely ended up tasting like I was drinking a bottle of ginger beer mixed with a dash of very sweet lemonade. It even has the same kind of gentle, warming burn at the back of your throat that ginger beer does, though strangely this seems to come from the carbonation rather than the flavour. The bubbles just feel a bit more harsh than usual. In any case, it actually tasted really good but particularly of curry. If you happen to like ginger beer too you’ll more than likely enjoy this!

 photo IMG_7135wm_zpschd2fuvz.jpg

Would I get this again? Probably not now that the novelty is gone. It was pleasant enough to drink, but honestly I’d just buy a bottle of my favourite brand of ginger beer instead. There are plenty of other odd flavours of Ramune out there and I know curiosity is going to make me try all of them if/when they pop up in UK stores, so I’ll save both my courage and my pennies for those instead.

I’d only rate this a 7/10 for failing to deliver flavour wise. The flavour it had was nice, but I expected more curry from curry Ramune.

Random fun fact: the marble in this bottle was blue rather than clear!  🙂

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