Review: Hello Kitty Sakura Fruit Candy

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So. I love cute things. I love Japanese candy flavours. I love cherry blossoms. I love Hello Kitty.

These have all the makings of something I’m going to love, and something my family are going to have to endure listening to me squeeing over. I promised I would keep the cute overload induced kawaiis inside my head (and out of this post), so here we go. Calmly. :p

We got this pack from Tofu Cute for £2.99.

 photo IMG_6705-wm_zpsehjmlsnw.jpg

The bag is quite large, with both plenty of candy and a good amount of air inside to stop the candies from getting crushed in transit. Definitely a good thing for an international customer, even if it means the bag wrinkles awkwardly in photos.

 photo IMG_6711-wm_zpsssqp26yu.jpg

I had way too much fun photographing the packaging with these. I have seriously never held such an adorable packet of sweets before, I think every other word in my head was probably ‘kawaii’ at this point.

 photo IMG_6732wm_zpsxoprbcpd.jpg

The inner wrappers are as adorable as the outer packaging. So many cute little details! I don’t know what I was expecting with Hello Kitty candies from Japan but I really can’t express just how blown away I was by the sheer cute factor. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. If you ever want to buy someone a ridiculously cute present, buy this. Seriously.

 photo IMG_6729wm_zpstkyu737w.jpg

I’m not going to lie, I added these candies to my shopping basket as a last minute thing to make up the total to get free delivery and so didn’t read the item description fully. So I was surprised when these little stickers popped out! Apparently there are 10 different designs to collect, which no doubt are all equally adorable. I like hoarding collecting stickers, so these ones went straight into my Hello Kitty shaped sticker tin!

 photo IMG_6762-wm_zps8lfnr8gy.jpg

I was glad to see the candies were as beautiful as the packaging. Look at that adorable sakura shape! I’ve found a lot of Hello Kitty stuff to be tacky or cheap, especially taste wise, but these are really good quality in every respect.

If you’re wondering about size, I measured each candy to be about 2cm long, 2cm wide and 1 cm thick, so they’re officially in the ‘too big to crunch without breaking your teeth’ category. I must admit, I expected tiny little candies. This bag is going to last us a long time!

The flavours are fun, a little different from UK candy but not totally unfamiliar. We have lemon (yellow), peach (pink) and ‘blue hawaii’ (blue). All the flavours are nice and strong (but not overpowering) and linger pleasantly for quite some time after the sweet is finished.

The lemon candies are fairly standard taste wise. They are nice and sweet rather than sour, but yeah. They’re lemon candies. In terms of a comparison, they reminded me of Robinsons Lemon Barley Water.

The peach ones are more interesting purely because Japan+peach=awesome. It is one flavour they definitely do well.. You get the flavour of a real, sweet, juicy peach in a hard candy. If you’ve tried anything peach flavoured from Japan, you’ll know what to expect. If not, it’s a really great flavour to go for if you have the chance.

The blue hawaii flavour…that’s a tricky one. I spent a bit of time looking up what exactly ‘blue hawaii’ is. I found that it is a (rather nasty looking) cocktail. I found a lot of sweets and drinks from Japan that come in the flavour ‘blue hawaii’. I gather it is supposed to be a tropical fruit taste, with a hit of pineapple, coconut, citrus…you know what, I’m still not sure. But it’s irrelevant anyway, as the only thing I tasted was a Ramune/soda flavoured candy! As one of my favourite flavours I didn’t mind that at all but I can’t help but wonder if I should have been tasting something different? Who knows. Let’s just call it sugary sweet Ramune flavour and say it’s delicious!

It’s refreshing to have a bag of candies where all the flavours are all, in their own way, equally enjoyable. We were all hard pushed to pick a favourite flavour, which is good because it means we can just eat whatever colour we pick and be happy with it rather than bargain over who gets the last peach one.

 photo IMG_6766-wm_zpsierrjcfg.jpg

This has definitely been the cutest candy experience I’ve had so far. They look good, they’re well presented, they taste good and they’re great value considering both how long each sweet can last and how many you get. Would I buy these again? In a heartbeat. 10/10 from me 🙂

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