Review: Almond Crush Milk Tea Pocky

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I would definitely class myself as both a tea lover and a pocky lover. So tea flavoured pocky? With delicious almonds too? Brilliant!

We got this box from Tofu Cute for £2.50.

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 photo IMG_6642-WM_zpsagvtxwub.jpg

The box is a little larger than usual and contains two foil packets. Each packet contains six sticks, giving you twelve total.

I like when boxes of Pocky contain more than one foil packet. Not only does it mean you can eat it over a longer period of time rather than all at once, it is generally a pretty big hint that you couldn’t eat it all at once if you tried as it will be very rich.

 photo IMG_6646-WM_zpsyxobc70y.jpg

The almond crush pocky sticks are regular pocky size, but with an extra thick coating and a generous scattering of almond pieces. They look more like midi Pocky to me.

 photo IMG_6650-WM_zps8opngrje.jpg

You can see little black speckles in the creamy coating, I’m going to assume they’re tea related!

The flavour of this Pocky is actually pretty hard to describe for being relatively simple. This is my first time trying a Japanese ‘milk tea’ snack, it seems to be a common enough flavouring in Japan but it doesn’t seem to come to UK stores all that often. At least, I personally don’t see it very often.

Texture wise there’s a lot going on, but it works. You’ve got your nice crunchy biscuit as usual, then you’ve got the almond pieces which are slightly softer and then the creamy coating which ties it all together into a really satisfying mouthful.

Flavour wise, the taste of the almonds is surprisingly mild considering just how much of them are sprinkled everywhere. It’s like when you go to a cafe and get a shot of flavoured syrup in your coffee (or tea, I guess); the nutty flavour is there, but only mildly and it blends almost seamlessly with the flavour of the drink. I’ve never put almond syrup in tea, but if I did I would imagine this is what it would taste like.

The milk tea coating has to be the best part of this Pocky. Oddly enough to me it tastes like tea without milk rather than milky tea, although every so often you get a more creamy taste than tea taste. It tastes exactly like Earl Grey tea to me (yes, I did sniff and sample every type of tea in my house to come to this conclusion). For those who may not know Earl Grey tea is basically black tea infused with bergamot, which adds a distinct and very fragrant citrus flavour.

All the flavours are strong, but they balance perfectly so that no one flavour overpowers any other. The almonds and black tea add a savoury and bitter edge respectively, while the creamy coating adds enough sweetness that you still feel like you’re eating a sweet snack without being cloyingly sweet. As indicated by the separate foil packets, the Pocky is very rich and really, one or two sticks at a time is plenty.

 photo IMG_6629-WM_zps2tsbqz5p.jpg

Not going to lie, I wish I had a Mami nendoroid with the whole tea thing…but Madoka is still cute 🙂

These are yet another 10/10 for me. I definitely plan to get these again, they’re so yummy! I’d like to get hold of the non almond crush milk tea flavour too. In fact, I’d say milk tea is a flavour I’ll be looking out for in any snacks! If you like tea, or would like to try a slightly more ‘grown up’ Pocky flavour, I highly recommend this! 🙂

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