Review: Ichigo Strawberry Kit Kat

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Like many people, I was amazed when I discovered how many flavours of Kit Kat Japan offer. Strawberry was the first flavour I heard of, and because UK Kit Kats are very unimaginative in their flavouring I thought they sounded very strange, good but definitely out there. Even strawberry chocolate isn’t something I come across often.

Of course, after seeing what other wacky and amazing flavours you can get I don’t think of it as a strange flavour at all anymore, but it’s still one I’d been looking forward to trying. I was super happy to finally find them in the UK, I figured since they were the first flavour I’d heard of they should be the first flavour I try ^__^

These two came as a pair from Tofu Cute and cost £1.99.

 photo IMG_6305-WM_zps9mzrftf6.jpg

Japanese Kit Kats seem to switch packaging regularly, I’ve seen several variations of strawberry Kit Kat wrappers but hadn’t seen this one before. It’s possibly a multipack wrapper? I suppose it’s quite sophisticated, but to me it’s a little dull. Strawberry Kit Kats are inherently cute and to me, they suit the cute pink/white packaging better than this red one. I’m sure next time I find these they’ll have different packaging again though 🙂

 photo roundWMRS_zpsxagoyfah.png

I’ve seen many people recoil in horror when they realise just how small these mini Kit Kats are. They can be very expensive for how small they are, depending on where you buy them and what you would classify as ‘expensive’. It’s important to realise how small they are before you buy so you’re not instantly disappointed when they arrive.

Bearing in mind that little Manaka here stands around 10cm tall, hopefully you can get a rough idea visually of just how small they are. I measured the bar itself to be about 3cm wide, 5cm long and 1cm tall, with the packaging being about 8.5cm long. Many sellers are misleading and state that the bars are 8.5cm long (without stating that includes packaging), when they’re not. It’s better to be informed than misled so there you go 🙂

 photo IMG_6333WM_zpsnx8eeohu.jpg

So how do they taste?

Initially, all I could taste was a very sweet white chocolate with a mild strawberry flavour. They really are very sweet, they’re almost cloying. Then I found the little red specks (you can see a couple in the photo but the bar is packed with them), and boom! Burst of artificial strawberry flavour, so strong that it’s actually a little hard to identify it as strawberry and not simply a sharp sweetness.

The variety of strawberries used to flavour this chocolate (Tochiotome) are apparently known for having a good balance between tartness and sweetness. When recreated in Kit Kat form it seems they’ve tried to capture this balance by making the chocolate very sweet and the red specks very tart, while keeping the overall flavour quite mild. The red specks blend with the creamy pink chocolate to give a pleasant but artificial strawberry milkshake flavour.

 photo IMG_6355WM_zpsh57cbjtu.jpg

The wafer inside has little layers of pink, how cute! They remind me of the Pink Panther Wafers you can get in the UK both in taste and texture. Nice and sweet, though not as sickly sweet as the chocolate coating, they add a nice balance.

Interestingly I didn’t find many similarities to my familiar UK Kit Kats. The wafers aren’t as crisp, they’re powdery instead. The chocolate, rather than being smooth and glossy, is slightly grainy with a matte finish. The ratio of chocolate to wafer is different too, with the chocolate layer being substantially more thick than it would be on a UK one. The difference in texture as much as the difference in flavour makes for a very interesting experience.


Overall I’d give these a 9/10. They’re very small, but because they’re so sweet you do feel satisfied afterwards. They’re a tad too artificially sweet for my tastes, I would eat them again but only in small doses. If you like sweet artificial strawberry candy you’re sure to love these little bars ^_^

I know it’s hard to get over the high price for such a small item, but they’re definitely exciting enough to be worth a try 🙂

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