Review: Ichigo Strawberry Kit Kat

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Like many people, I was amazed when I discovered how many flavours of Kit Kat Japan offer. Strawberry was the first flavour I heard of, and because UK Kit Kats are very unimaginative in their flavouring I thought they sounded very strange, good but definitely out there. Even strawberry chocolate isn’t something I come across often.

Of course, after seeing what other wacky and amazing flavours you can get I don’t think of it as a strange flavour at all anymore, but it’s still one I’d been looking forward to trying. I was super happy to finally find them in the UK, I figured since they were the first flavour I’d heard of they should be the first flavour I try ^__^

These two came as a pair from Tofu Cute and cost £1.99.

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Since it’s the first post, welcome to All the ame! This post is just a quick look at what is to come over the following weeks.

This is my first time using WordPress (not to mention my first time writing a blog at all), so apologies for any errors/noob mistakes. Constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated 🙂

This month, I was gifted an amazingly large selection of Japenese yumminess for my Birthday. I figured this was as good a time as any to get the blog rolling! There’s a few things in there I’d never heard of before and a few new flavours of things I already enjoy, so lots of variety.

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There is a lot of hype over Japenese Kit Kat flavours, so to suddenly be presented with four to
try out? You could say I’m a bit over excited! We have strawberry, purple sweet potato, sakura matcha and Hokkaido red bean. I’m still trying to decide which to try first!

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Puccho puccho puccho puccho! These are one of my favourite Japanese candies. As you can see, we have watermelon, cola, soda and melon. Out of those flavours the only one I’ve tried before is cola, so looking forward to checking the rest out.

Since it’s the summer holidays I’m not entirely sure a regular update scedule will work, but reviews for
all of the above (plus a few other surprises) will be uploaded in the coming weeks. I’ve got several reviews drafted and lots of photos edited so all being well there should be much more here by the end of the summer.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll return to check out the actual content 🙂